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Banking Module.
Comes with virtually unlimited numbers of estates and an unlimited number of accounts within each estate, and computerized check and deposit generation and printing, including manually entered or automatic recurring transactions. MICR fonts are included for the option of using the blank check format. Automatic updating of bank balances, customization of the check form to your bank including the option of adding your own signature, and bank account reconciliation come with the software.

Full General Ledger Accounting Module.
Integrated Double-Entry Accounting with standard asset and liability accounts, expense and income accounts, and accounts payable. Has the flexibility for you to create your own accounts by removing or adding other accounts as needed.

Asset (Inventory) Management module.
 Interfaced to the General Ledger with automatic update of balances. Double-entry accounting in multiple asset accounts of cash, personal property, stocks, notes, real estate, and other property.

Standard Data Storage and Reports Module.
Over 125 data fields and reports are standard in MEM. Included for individual estates are banking, income and financial information, inventory and asset information, medical and emergency care information, funeral arrangements, mileage and time spent on task for administrative and clerical billing, and insurance and legal information, and more. Group reports include transaction registers, posted transactions, maturing financial statements, birthdays and Annual Settlements by month, eligibility testing for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and medicaid, and others.

Customizable Fields and Case Notes Module.
Unlimited number of user-definable data fields, and unlimited area for case notes and visitations provides customization of the reports generated from these fields.

Premier Annual Court Report.
An accounting interface to the asset accounts shows itemized list of the beginning balances of each account, the additions and the disbursements and the ending balances in the asset accounts, and generates the complete Annual Settlement form for the Court.

Medical and Emergency Care Module.
This is a printable information record of all kinds of medical and emergency data for each estate which includes diagnoses, medications, allergies, health care providers, emergency contacts, insurance information, living will and last will and testament data.

Taxes Management Module.
An area for tracking what taxes are due and when, and other information regarding real estate, personal property, and income taxes.

Task Scheduler Module.
Schedule future meetings and task by caseworker.

Time on Task and Mileage Module.
An area for tracking Administrative and Clerical time on each task, and mileage records.

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